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The Hummingbird

The hummingbird is one of the most unique birds out there. It is the only bird in the world that can hover. Flapping its wings at 240 times per second, the hummingbird has to take a pit stop to drink nectar at a flower every ten minutes. In order to hover, it flaps its wings in a figure eight to distribute air in all directions.

The Legacy of Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins was a famed christian music singer and songwriter.  His songs have been featured on hundreds of radio stations and have been sang by many other singers.  Some of his most famous songs include “Awesome God”, “Alrightokuhuhamen”, and “If I Stand”.

What made Rich Mullins so special is he never sang for the money.  He sang to worship God and encourage others to do so too.  He never copyrighted any of his songs.  He never wanted to know how much money he had.

On September 19, 1997,  Rich Mullins was driving on I-39 north of Bloomington, Illinois with his friend, Mitch McVicker when they lost control of their Jeep.  They were both ejected from the vehicle because neither were wearing seatbelts.  When a passing big rig swerved to avoid hitting the overturned Jeep, it hit Rich Mullins who was too injured to get out of the way.  Rich Mullins died instantly at the scene.

Photos:, The Olive Branch Report, The Joy FM


September 11, 2001 was a day like any other. People woke up, had coffee, went to work and school. Little did people know, that four planes took off carrying 19 hijackers. One plane crashed into the Pentagon, causing a partial collapse of the building. Two others crashed into the Twin Towers or The World Trade Center, causing the buildings to catch fire and collapse completely. The last plane was headed to Washington D.C. when the passengers overtook the hijackers and crashed the plane into a field in Pennsylvania. 2,996 people were killed. Over 6,000 people were injured.

New Series

Today we will be starting a new series on animals. We will be telling about the amazing creatures we share our planet with and some of the amazing capabilities they have.

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